1-on-1 Transformational Programs

Connect in person or digitally with health, wealth and happiness learning partners.

Go at your own pace. 




'Plug-ins' for Your Event

Immersive, learning experiences for small and large groups. 

Co-created opportunities for teams and families to diversify and grow together.


TEAM Practice LABS

Weekly and monthly programs for inspired impact.

Some of our favorite modalities include yoga, therapeutic massage, brain-boosting foods, hydration,interactive lecture series, team retreats, active listening and fresh air.

Simple. Beautiful. Ever Evolving.


Organizational Sustainability and Global Wellbeing

What are the emerging best practices within business and design? 

How can organizations say 'NO' to burnout within their cultural DNA?

What sustainability practices can we learn and apply from the fields of biomimetic design? 

Explore with us. 



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