Biomimetic assessment & Advisory

Learning from nature's genius to address complex challenges.

Well Standard Building Design

Optimising place-based environments by integrating holistic design concepts of the Well Building Standard: 

Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort & Mind  

Redefining Sustainability 

Programs and practices for health, wealth and happiness. Hosting and inspiring interdisciplinary partnerships.


Animating neighbourhoods, communities and municipalities through collaborative design processes.


Food & Life Lab

Bio-regional food networks and farm-to-table immersions to reconnect to the magic of seasonal, mindful eating. 

ReTreat Design

Tapping into collective intelligence through immersive, experiential learning.

Movement & Mindfulness

Immersive mind and movement experiences. Conditioning space and culture for healthy habits. 

Therapeutic Bodywork

Hands-on structural support including chiropractic alignment, massage, structural alignment and integration.