Cultural and Ecological DESIGNS

A Living Portfolio for Health, Wealth and Happiness


Cultural and Ecological DESIGNS

A Living Portfolio for Health, Wealth and Happiness



past Events, programs and Collaborations

  • Wellbeing in Changemaking: For a Living Planet | World Wildlife Fund, Switzerland 

  • Team-Wellbeing Retreat |  Euforia - Les Marecottes, Switzerland

  • New Frontiers Event: Arts & Wellbeing |  Kiwi Connect Wellington, New Zealand

  • Google Yoga Retreat | Collaboration Google HQ 'Yoglers' & Sivananda Ashram, Grass Valley, California

  • Yearly Corporate Programs Inflection Inc. | nutrition, team-building, CSR, Yoga & Massage - Silicon valley, California

  • Healthy Boundaries & Intuition at Work | Summit Series - Eden, Utah

  • Headstands in The Boardroom: Yoga in the corporate Environment Yoga Journal Conference & Gopi Kallayil - San Diego, California

  • Feast and Flow | Lionfish Supperclub - Santa Cruz, California  

  • Farm-to-Flow-Yoga | Everett Family Farm - Santa Cruz, California

  • Sound and Space | Live Music Meditation w/ East Forest - Pleasure Point, California 

  • Yin Yoga Sound Immersion w/ Danny Goldberg | Pleasure Point Yoga - Santa Cruz, California

  • Yoga for the Busy Executive | Yoga Journal Conference & Gopi Kallayil - San Francisco, California 

  • Amanitas Co-Creation Retreats : Paraty - Brazil , Santa Cruz - US , Bern - Switzerland, Black Rock City - US 

  • Happy Bern Lab - Neighbourhood activation : Bern, Switzerland


tools & methodS

nurturing vibrant culture


tools & methodS

nurturing vibrant culture


Yoga & Mindfulness

Physical and mental practices and immersion experiences to bring out your inner (& outer) ninja.

Therapeutic Bodywork

Hands-on structural support including chiropractic alignment, massage and structural integration for the physicality of your day-to-day.   

Food and Life Lab

Fuel your body with the best of the best. Products, programs and eat-ucational immersions to reconnect to the magic of seasonal, mindful eating!  

Local-Nomad Lifestyle

Teach and learn the secret sauce of navigating life on and offline. Root into local community while navigating the technologies which connect us to global movements and emerging conversations. 

Art & Creativity

Storytelling, music, artist-in-residency and hip-hop dance immersions to spark that innovative soul in each and every one of us. Diversity is key to resiliency. 

Well Standard Building Design

We spend 90% of our time indoors. Optimize your work environment by integrating holistic design concepts of the Well Building Standard: 

Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind  

Hydration Systems

Water is life.  Along with our growing list of H20 partners, we specialize in low waste, high quality designs and systems that hydrate you and our planet. 


Become a cultural leader through social and environmental innovations. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.